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Bot Creator: Software platform built as no-code, low-code to create and run bots. Bots can run on mutliple channels.
AI-enabled Bot Engine: Software engine with NLU, intent classification and named entities recoginition.
Online Learning Mgmt System: A multi-tenant e-Learning platform to upskill software developers in an organizations.
Coding Roomie: A unique learning platform which provides guided, hands-On, web development experience.
Dementia Patient Mngmt & Care: Software system built for doctors and nurses providing care for dementia patients.
OPD System: The customized software system for clinical practice, from a physician's perspective.
Airplane Simulator Controller: This software controller runs on Windows 10 tablets and desktops. It collects data, records and takes snapshots of pilot's activities on the simulator.
Toteboard: Toteboard is an application built for naval forces to simulate ship combat training exercises.
CAD System: Software system built to plan rooms on the floor and furniture within the room.
Car Washing Aggregator: Dashboard built to manage customers, partners, bookings and payments for a car wash aggregator.
Customers & Partners App: Cross platform mobile applications built for customers and partners of a car washing aggregator.


Great job @ Team Leadows! I had reviewed multiple software applications available in the market and I was looking for a software tailored for clinical practice from physicians' outlook. I can gladly vouch for the DigiDocClinic by Leadows for the ease of working on this platform and its immense utility in clinical practice. This software is fast and reduces time taken in clinical practice.
I am highly impressed with how well they were able to translate our ideas into software solutions. They offer a lot of value based on their skills, talent and proficiency and thus becomes a reliable partner.
Shakeel has a solid knowledge of various software technologies and is able to come up with architectural solutions to problems due to his vast exposure working across various domains. He gives lot of importance to writing clean modular code with clear interfaces. When there are issues, he dives straight into the problem and comes up with a POC for possible solutions. Shakeel always thinks of a solution which is future ready meeting scalability, maintainability and extensibility needs for the long term. He is very professional in his approach and come across as a punctual, hardworking, no-nonsense person with integrity


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