Building Software Solutions

Leadows Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a software development company located in Bangalore. For the past 10 years we have been developing software applications for various organizations and individuals all over India.  

Our software applications include: Enterprise applications like Aircraft Simulation Controller, Ship Combat Simulation Controller, Online Learning Portal, Remote Application Manager, Satellite Arc Finder, Computer Aided Designer, OPD for Nephrologist, Appointments Manager etc.  

We are customer-focused company. We help in digitalization of our customer's business that helps in improving productivity of their business operations and enhance connectivity with their customers. We try to get the best return on investments for our customers. 

We have a team of highly skilled and motivated software developers, designers and testers. We have an in-house training facility. This helps in learning new technologies extremely fast to keep enhancing developers’ and testers’ skills. 

We have expertise in cloud computing, mobile applications, web applications and desktop applications. We also design web sites that helps in showcasing products and services in best possible way.  

We have strong development and testing processes to keep the software applications highly reliable, scalable and maintainable.  

We allot a dedicated team for each customer project. This helps in finishing and delivering the work on time.  

Our clients include: 

CAE, Aurigo, Samsung, LG, Siemens, VMWare, Hexagon, MBC, Danfoss, ABB, Finastra, and individual customers and businesses. 

We have offices in Bangalore, Nagpur and Pune. 

All our major project work and technologies that we use are listed on “www.leadows.com” 

You can contact us: 

1. Shakeel Ali (ali.shakeel@leadows.com)

2. Rumana Badar (rumana.badar@leadows.com)

3. Jamila Ali (ali.jamila@leadows.com)  

 Our strengths: 

1. Quality Development: Lots of businesses incur huge maintenance cost on their software, as the software code is not developed using proper techniques. We take care in writing code which is scalable, reliable, bug-free, so that businesses do not have to pay huge maintenance cost. 

2. Speed: We believe time plays a very important role for a business’ growth, in this fast-paced world. We try our best to give accurate time estimates and never extend beyond our given estimates. 

3. Customer requirement understanding: We are very good in understanding the domain of our customers which in turn enables us to deliver the precise software needed in the time allotted. 

4. Latest Technology: We keep training ourselves on the latest technology, as we ourselves have been delivering corporate training sessions, for the past 20 years.