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Dr. Madan Bahadur
Great job @Team Leadows! You have created an application customized to my specific requirements. My work spans across different tertiary care hospitals in South Mumbai and Mumbai Suburbs, as well as tier-2 cities including Satna. Keeping tab of all the patient records was becoming very difficult and this was affecting patient care at peripheral sites.

I had reviewed multiple applications available in the market and I was looking for software tailored for clinical practice from physicians’ outlook. I can gladly vouch for the Clinical Management App by Leadows for the ease of working on this platform and its immense utility in clinical practice.

The program is fast and reduces time taken in clinical practice. All reports are visible in date wise tabular form in a single screen and it is easy to view graphs or trends in parameters at the click of a button. User interface is physician friendly and is easily customizable in terms of field layout, sequence and colour coding. Attaching scanned images to patient record is another highlight of the program.

Most promising feature of the program is capability for infinite search within the medical records which a boon for medical research and publication purpose. Medical events, vitals, investigations and prescription can all be viewed in a single screen. This gives a panoramic view of patients’ medical record and reduces the time taken by the physician.

Using this state-of-the-art application has been very productive for me. It offers convenience of use and all the patients' details at my fingertips.

Dr. M M Bahadur
Dept. of Nephrology and Transplantation,
Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai
Mr. Anupam Chanda
I am highly impressed with how well they were able to translate our ideas into software solutions. They offer a lot of value based on their skills, talent and proficiency and thus become a reliable partner.

- Head of Engineering, Simulation Product & Services
Leadows Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Head Office: Gopalan Grandeur, Hoodi Circle, ITPB Road, Bangalore - 560048.

Ph: +91 9900227086, +91 9845567086

Email: ali.jamila@leadows.com